Rules of the Day

  1. You must have a webpage. It does not have to be Zidane related, or even Final Fantasy related, but you must have one.
  2. You must have all blanks of the form filled in. If one is not filled in, I will automatically delete your application without telling you.
  3. The code must be on your splash, main, or cliques page and must be there before I check for the code. I will not give you time after you join for you to get the code up. In addition, the code must stay on your site. What's the point of joining a clique if you don't keep the code up on your site? Furthermore, the code has to be correct.
  4. No porn or hate sites, I don't want to see or read it and no one else does either. Why? Because I don't want to look at a bunch of tasteless nakie people *nods*..... I do allow hentai, yaoi/yuri, shounen-ai/shoujo-ai, but it must be tasteful and marked with a warning.
  5. You have to like Zidane in some form or another. What's the point of joining a clique for Zidane if you don't even like onto the form.

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